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Monday, February 27, 2006

Folks, It's year of the Poodle!

Yes it's not only just Year of the Dog - it is 2006: Year of the Poodle! I'm not sure what that means for us. Poodles are typically short yippie dogs who have an 'air' about them. Does that mean that 2006 will be grand in small ways? That we should remember to view the world from the ground up? Or that it's time to dress up, prance around and have fun?

Nonetheless - I've printed 100 limited edition "Year of the Poodle" postcard prints. They are available at the Red Bat Press online shop. Also Reading Frenzy in downtown Portland may have a few. Sorry to those who where hoping for Year of the Great Dane or Year of the Pug. Maybe in 12 more years??

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mysterious Mascot

This here is Boxer, the mascot of Pacific University in Forest Grove (40 miles from Portland, Ore.) How strange for an American University to choose a strange Chinese Idol - dragon/dog with hooves - as the official mascot.

This weekend I was in Forest Grove for the first time with Matt, who planned a getaway weekend at the Mcmenamins' Grand Lodge. The hallways of this old Masonic lodge-turned-hotel are covered with art depicting the history of the building and surrounding town. Over and over we came across this 'boxer' character immortalized in paintings and photographs and we wanted to learn more. So on our return home (by bike & train) we pedaled over the Pacific University to see what we could find out. The real statue is not on display as we found out by the VP of Student Life, but in fact is won in athletic tournaments and often stolen by pranksters. I found this
Pacific U student blog entry
(scroll down a few entries) about Boxer that relays an event in the 1960s - one group went so far to ensure they were the last to ever ‘own’ Boxer that they drove down to San Francisco and dumped the original mascot into the bay. This means the current one is actually a replica!

Meanwhile we found our own mascot for our little 24-hour trip, a weightlifting mini alien - 25 cents from Goodwill.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

To Matt

This post is dedicated to Matt. Thanks for the last 6 months getting to know you. (Photo was taken by Elly Blue in Ilwaco, WA on our bike-camping trip 10/2005)

Friday, February 10, 2006

Shooting from the Hip

Hold the camera at the hip and take the shot.
These instructions comes from a small photo book called Shooting from the Hip showing photographs from a UK photographer during the 80s, early 90s. The book belonged to Rory (see next post) and I loved this book. On my return visit to Cork, Ireland in 1997 I saw the book again sitting on his shelf and was determined to find my own copy when I was in London. I searched every bookseller I could find, and finally, when I just about gave up hope, there it was in the last shop sitting on the shelf.

I just took this photo on my lunch, after I chased after this Chinese man, a newspaper clenched behind his back, three blocks from Burnside heading south down 5th Avenue. The sun was so bright that I didn't know if I could get the shot. When I caught up, I pulled out my camera, kept it low, pushed the button, and smiled when I saw my return.

My Friend's an Olympic Athlete!

Never in my life would I imagine actually knowing someone in the Olympics. Tonight I will be watching the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy hoping to get a glimpse of my friend and former housemate Rory Morrish who will be competing for Ireland in Nordic Skiing. The photo shown here is one I took of Rory 10 years ago when we lived in a little house on Curragh Road in Cork, Ireland. I was a mere 20 year old, and he 27 then. At the time Rory was an avid photographer, gourmet cook & snappy dresser. He grew up with 6 sisters, and knows five languages fluently. I was always in awe of him then, and when I found out he became a world championship skier, I guess I wasn't too surprised, since that's Rory.

Today Rory lives in Oslo, Norway (where he can actually ski!), and I was lucky enough to see him last May/June when I was visiting my Mother, a Professor of Nursing, who was doing research over there. Rory has a blog about his Olympic adventure, though I'm sure he's too busy at the moment to update it much. I sent him a skiing-guy ornament which he has proclaimed mascot of his venture. Also here is a current photo of him all decked out on the snow.
Rory's competeing on the 17th of February at 10 am local Italy time. But perhaps we'll get a glimpse of him tonight when they air the opening ceremonies on TV in the USA (8 pm Central on NBC). Also a friend who has been reading another Irish Athlete's blog, says look for a bunch of "stuffed" leprechauns that may be thrown out into the audience during opening ceremonies. So tune in!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Portland's Penny Public Again

I am pleased to announce that the Portland Penny is once again on public view at the Oregon Historical Society! In June 2004, the Portland Tribune published this letter penned by me:

City needs a penny for its history
While not much can be bought for a penny these days, there is one penny that buys a great story in Portland history. The “Portland Penny,” an 1835 copper coin, was tossed by two pioneers in 1845 to decide the name of our city.

Asa Lovejoy from Portland Maine and Francis Pettygrove from Boston each wanted to name our new city after their hometowns. What was one to do? Toss a coin, and let fate decide. Lovejoy won.

The good news is this famous penny is in the Oregon Historical Society’s museum collection. The bad news: The penny recently was retired from public view.
The Portland Penny needs to be on permanent display. May I suggest the lobby of the Oregon History Center or another important downtown Portland location.

Carye Bye
North Portland

I was just thinking I should follow up with the Museum to see what happened with the Penny after it was put away following the closing of the Portland Exhibit. But lucky for me, I found myself face to face with this Portland Treasure when I was visiting the museum this month. The penny is in a great lobby exhibit showing coins related to Oregon. From the new Lewis & Clark Nickel to the Oregon Crater Lake quarter that was minted last year. I am pleased.

Go to Oregon Historical Society website for info on how to visit.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Recipe for Chinese Mystery Dinner

Take 10 Friends. Gather and write favorite Chinese Restaurant on slip of paper. Put in hat. Choose one and go. No Special Occasion needed.

We did just this Saturday Night. Once again, Danielle (see Ben Franklin post), and Kate thought of this idea after discovering they both love Hot & Sour Soup. So soon the group grew to 10. Hunans on Broadway in downtown Portland was the lucky winner of our night out. They set us at a big round table with a lazy susan (yes!) at the very back of the large restraurant. It's fun being a big group!

In honor of Year of the Dog, I brought a collection of minature dogs to share with the group. The dogs have been with me since 'Year of the Snake,' when I bought 12 sets, for cheap, from a closing shop in San Francisco's Chinatown. Before our food arrived, it was suggested that we each put our dogs on the lazy susan, and had our own dog show. One person at the table exclaimed, "I've never done this before!" I also brought my Chinese Fortune Sticks, and since the menu had over 100 items to choose from, we used the sticks to choose our plates -- well not really, Devon certainly was NOT going to have Sweet & Sour Chicken. (She's Vegetarian).

Food was consumed (All of it, no take out this time!), a round table discussion ensued --sleeping at work stories were one topic. Soon the fortune cookies arrived. Devon, Matt, & I all got the same one. Someone had one that read, "Doubt is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object" Hmm. very deep !

See the more photos of our outing.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

World's Smallest Park about to become Planter!

This is Breaking News folks...

Yes Mill Ends Park, the World's Smallest Park (located in the Median on SW Naito Parkway & Taylor in Portland) is about to be uprooted into a planter during construction in the area. The 2 foot by 2 foot Park will be temporarily moved 7 1/2 feet to the east until it can be put back in place later this summer. Mill Ends became a city park in Portland in 1976, and is in the Guinness Book of World Records. Consequently, Portland is also home to the Largest USA Park (located in city limits), Forest Park. Just try and move that one!