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Monday, February 06, 2006

Recipe for Chinese Mystery Dinner

Take 10 Friends. Gather and write favorite Chinese Restaurant on slip of paper. Put in hat. Choose one and go. No Special Occasion needed.

We did just this Saturday Night. Once again, Danielle (see Ben Franklin post), and Kate thought of this idea after discovering they both love Hot & Sour Soup. So soon the group grew to 10. Hunans on Broadway in downtown Portland was the lucky winner of our night out. They set us at a big round table with a lazy susan (yes!) at the very back of the large restraurant. It's fun being a big group!

In honor of Year of the Dog, I brought a collection of minature dogs to share with the group. The dogs have been with me since 'Year of the Snake,' when I bought 12 sets, for cheap, from a closing shop in San Francisco's Chinatown. Before our food arrived, it was suggested that we each put our dogs on the lazy susan, and had our own dog show. One person at the table exclaimed, "I've never done this before!" I also brought my Chinese Fortune Sticks, and since the menu had over 100 items to choose from, we used the sticks to choose our plates -- well not really, Devon certainly was NOT going to have Sweet & Sour Chicken. (She's Vegetarian).

Food was consumed (All of it, no take out this time!), a round table discussion ensued --sleeping at work stories were one topic. Soon the fortune cookies arrived. Devon, Matt, & I all got the same one. Someone had one that read, "Doubt is a beautiful twilight that enhances every object" Hmm. very deep !

See the more photos of our outing.


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