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I am the director of the Bathtub Art Museum and also run my own printing card & novelties business under the name Red Bat Press. I live in the great bike fun-friendly city of Portland.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Poodle Superstar

Green Poodle lives in Portland.

Red Poodle lives in Dallas.

While green poodle hangs out indoors mostly
Red Poodle has become quite the superstar.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Bunny Returns!

The Bunny has appeared again ("See Work Board Notice" two entries down). I'm the bookkeeper for the Independent Publishing Resource Center and the bunny showed up next to Andrew Jackson on this twenty dollar note in our deposit box. A Ha, an IPRC member up to funnigans (like shenigans, but good!). Also in the elevator today, a gal from my floor coommented about the Bunny poster on the board - and how things like that make her love Portland. And by the way, when I scanned in the $20, I got a note that popped up saying it was illegal to print the U.S. currency, and that I could only save it. Who knew scanners/computers were that intelligent.

Also I came across some interesting triva about the Jackson ahem Twenty dollary bill. Check out the interesting trivia, urban legends, and folding tricks at Wikipedia

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oscar Wilde's Pants

Gin Kitten once again up to mischief. Yes those little purple pants lying on her belong to none other than Oscar Wilde* (aka. Gin Kitten's love object). If you put the pants back on Oscar Wilde, She will only tear them off again. That's not quite princess behavior is it!

*Oscar Wilde (the plush doll) has come to live in the Kate - Emily household after Emily received Oscar as a white elephant gift from Elly last Xmas. Before this fate of Gin Kitten's love object, Oscar almost became a trip mascot to Cape disappointment but was voted out)

Work Notice Board

Saw this yesterday, and was the first to take a little bunny drawing. Today, two more have been taken. ha ha.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Let's Bowl

Winter is coming in Portland, which means it's time to bowl, often. 5 teams came together to compete this past Friday night - The nerdy Math Club, The fatherly Holy Rollers, The snarky Pin Heads, the "it's complicated" Skervi, and the Sadly Sober. The Pin Heads taunted the Math Club with their bowling bling awards, the Holy Rollers drank beer and checked out the bowler's forms. Skervi slid into home base & The Math Club cheered about square roots and cosigns, and the Sadly Sober bowled, a lot. The First Place team award went to the Pin Heads, Top bowlers: Male - Matt of the Math Club, and Female - Devon of Skervi.

See all the photos!

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Powerful Y

Portland's free weekly Willamette Week last week:

"In his latest message from a British Columbia jail, Oregon environmental activist Tre Arrow says he's adding a "y" to his first name. Why? "Adding the 'y' activates my fullest potential to manifest my true destiny," Arrow tells supporters in a Sept. 24 email. Arrow says he made his decision based on cabalistic philosophy , which teaches there is a direct connection between a person's name and the conditions of his or her life, such as health, job and personal fulfillment. "I know my true destiny is to be free," says Arrow, who was born Michael Scarpitti. "Trey" Arrow is in jail in Victoria, B.C., fighting extradition to Oregon, where the FBI wants him to stand trial for a pair of 2001 arsons."

A story of Name

In December 2001, I legally changed my name to Carye Bye from by birth name, Carrie Johnson). One of the Y's in my name came quite early (though not legally), I started spelling my first name with a Y since age 16 when a friend's brother gave me a drawing of ducks in a pond dedicated: To Carye. Instantly I loved this spelling and knew it was how my name should be spelled. The 2nd Y came later. The last name Bye is my grandmother's maiden name - a name that comes from a farmstead village in Norway. When my grandmother passed in late 2000, I thought a lot about my family's Scandinavian history, and began to use the name Carye Bye as my photography name. When I legally changed my last name, I also legally changed my first name. I've always been attracted to Y's in a name, and I feel blessed to know have two.

Another interesting story is, my nickname used to be Carye Bee during my college years and after during the 1990s. When I found out that the Norwegian pronunciation of Bye is actually "Bee" I knew it was meant to be.