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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Yurt Raising & Plantains

I've had so many adventures lately, but sadly have not written about them. Such as the awesome day a couple weeks ago that Elly Blue and I biked to Oregon City - meeting so many interesting folks along the way or that for a week I was a part of a PSU study on biking in Portland, where every where I went was recorded by Satelite and mapped out, Or that my Bunny on a Bike ride was pretty awesome this past Easter.

On Saturday I attended my first Yurt Raising for Kelly Peach. I have never seen a yurt, but I knew they were round hut-like temporary housing - many of the state parks in Oregon have them. Kelly's is more a less a giant tent - less wood, more fabric-tarp. The stucture is 14 feet in diameter, but packs easily into the corner of the garage when not in use. Kelly and a friend made it a long time ago when they lived in the woods in Washington State. She even sewed the fabric sides - bright orange. I wish I had pictures since I'm not very good at explaining what it was all made of - but once up it looked like a tent out of the Chronicles of Narnia movie. However, it needed a waterproof roof, so the last step was put on a silver heavy duty tarp - The sturcture now looked like the martians had landed.

Since Matt & I were the first to arrive, we left before the final touches of the Yurt to find food - we were starving. We decided to get burritos on Alberta Street nearby, but luckily my eye caught a little food stand in the Alberta Co-op parking lot. The only word I caught was Plantains. I rung my bell for Matt to pull over, and told him what I saw, and wondered if there was more food. Matt said that the lady came over to his house that week to pickup some free sawdust he advertised, and that he remembered her telling him about her food cart and that she does sell rice and beans. So we circled back. The sun was out and we had the most tasty, perfect lunch of all organice rice & beans, a side salad and a paperbag of plantain chips for $5. The lady's name is Blue, and she's super friendly and interesting, and sets up in the parking lot Noon until dark Saturday and Sunday and on Last Thursday Art Walks. You could also get a large plate for $7 and share with a friend.


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