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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My favorite (cheap) Ethnic Food in Portland

1. Dalos Kitchen (N Willams just South of Skidmore). Amazing Ethopian food, and they just remodeled and expanded, so not only do you get a gorgeous supper, the interior digs are cool too. The deal: Get the large veggie sampler plate for $8.99. It's really enough for two people, and they will bring more bread. Lucky me, this place is blocks from my house.

2. Pho Jasmine (N Killingsworth just East of Albina). Amazing Vietnamese food. The deal: reasonably priced dinner food, get a couple dishes and share. I recommend the pho (soups) & gluten dishes. mmmm! Inside decor not that fabulous, so bring someone you can't your eyes off of.

3. The Real Taste of India - food cart (Downtown on 5th Avenue & Stark). There are several indian carts but this one is just three carts down from the corner and has a covered picnic table. I've been going to this cart for 5 years, and they still offer the $4.50 Lunch special (veggie or meat). There is no better deal. On days where I work a double shift. I eat here for lunch as it lasts me all day. For the lunch special you get three entries, Naan bread, and rice. With a meal so cheap, you can afford yourself a mango lasse, but do you have room for it is the real question.


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