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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Bunny Returns!

The Bunny has appeared again ("See Work Board Notice" two entries down). I'm the bookkeeper for the Independent Publishing Resource Center and the bunny showed up next to Andrew Jackson on this twenty dollar note in our deposit box. A Ha, an IPRC member up to funnigans (like shenigans, but good!). Also in the elevator today, a gal from my floor coommented about the Bunny poster on the board - and how things like that make her love Portland. And by the way, when I scanned in the $20, I got a note that popped up saying it was illegal to print the U.S. currency, and that I could only save it. Who knew scanners/computers were that intelligent.

Also I came across some interesting triva about the Jackson ahem Twenty dollary bill. Check out the interesting trivia, urban legends, and folding tricks at Wikipedia


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