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I am the director of the Bathtub Art Museum and also run my own printing card & novelties business under the name Red Bat Press. I live in the great bike fun-friendly city of Portland.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hard Work = Happiness

At the end of June I went full time artist (woo - hoo) and I permenantly said goodbye to my part-time office job I've held for 3 years. As they always say, when you work for yourself, you work harder than ever - So true - no longer do I have hours behind a computer where I can blog and surf, and check email 100 times. The old saying that when you close one door, another opens is also so true. When I had the other job to pay my rent and bills, I had steady work through Red Bat Press - my wood-cut & letterpress illustration project since 2002. But now that it's all that I do, I've had more orders and opportunites - and I'm keeping very busy between bike rides to Mt. Hood & Vacations in the midwest to say the least. I'm still figuring it all out, learning to balance and organize - and finding happiness working for myself and spreading my little artistic thoughts and ideas around. I'm hardly just an artist - I'm a printer, rep, carver, seller, web designer, illustrator, and admin. The only thing I miss about my office job, is I now never seem to have any pens around.


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