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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not going to Stop having the Bike Fun

(Photo by John Boyd)

Curious to what the bathtub lady has been up to? Well she's been riding her bike - a lot - Here in Portland it's Pedalpalooza - 2+ weeks of bike fun - with over 140 events this year, I've made a personal goal to go on at least a ride a day. How am I doing so far? Let's recap:

June 8: Red Bat comes out for the Pedalpalooza kick-off parade
June 9: AM: Breakfast on the Bridges (Hawthorne), PM: "Happy Hour on Hawthorne with "Burma Shave" style signs, Evening: Malty Beverage ride lead by Deepak - super fun new group of folks including 3 other Kari/Carrie's
June 10: All day ride to Boring, Oregon "Buttes, Bike Trails, & Bonds lead by Jim & Amy - broke two spokes on the ride up, so had to leave the ride to go to Gresham to get them fixed
June 11: Dead Freeways ride by Shawn of the Urban Adventure League - Really Cool history tour of what could have been and what was - I unfortunatly had to escape early to get ready for a wacky-mini-golfing birthday atop a downtown Portland Building.
June 12: Ride Pad Thaied - by Dr. Wasbi (Jeff) & Dr. Ginger (Jeff) - 4 restaurants and Thai Culture, I then tried to join the Night of the Living Donut Ride - but after the first stop off far out Sandy, I decided to give my stomach a rest.
June 13: Taco Ride lead by Ben - Nevermade it to the first stop - was last to leave, then stuck at a light, and after pushing myself to try to catch up without success, I decided to NOT chase after my dinner, and left the ride
June 14: Bike to Skate led by Jeff - Ride to Oaks Park for a lovely potluck & skate - Skating to Def Lepard's "Pour some sugar on me" made my night
June 15: /// Vertigo Gorge Ride led by Kiran - All day MAX train & bike ride out to Crown Point Vista House in the Gorge with portable Karaoke and pints at Edgefield aftewards. Highlight - Singing "I will follow" karaoke in Corbett while riding bikes.
June 16: Interactive Small Museums Tour lead by moi. We geeked out at the Museum of Modern Materialism, 3D Center of Art & Photography, Ground Kontrol, IPRC, & the Bathtub Art Museum Studio.
June 17: Portland Bike Summit: Gathering of many a local Bike "Rock Star" & Politician. I felt I was apart of an imporatant historic event. Following it was Shawn's "Sullivan's Gulch" history tour - but after the 2nd stop, my attention span was nil, so I sent myself home
June 18: Mobile Mystery Dance Party led by Captain Clash, Dan - We grooved & boogied all through downtown. I had big hair & a sparkly shirt
June 19 Architecture Tour led by Carl - 50 folks showed up on this mysterious tour all through town down alleys, to homes, churches, fountains and more - small after party afterwards.
June 20: Solstice Ride - Ah didn't go - made plans with Matt but he caught a cold, so instead of riding our bikes all night to watch the sun rise, we stayed in a watched a movie
June 21:Communified Ride by Jonathan - Lovely evening out with a photoshoot.

Ah today is the Kiss-in - I was looking forward to it, Last year I made a whole bunch of signs: "Make Love, Not Traffic" and "If you rode your Bike, you'd be Kissing by now", but unfortunately my kissing partner Matt still has a cold, so making it is doubtful.

With only two days left - we have my 2nd Museum Tour - Fame & Glamour themed & the finale the Mulnomah County Bike Fair. Yee Haw.


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