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Monday, May 08, 2006

Pretty in Pink

(Photo by Dat Nguyen. See all his Photos)
As I arrived to my own Pretty Dress Bicycle Ride event during a small break in a day-long rain, a ravishing lady in pink stepped out of her car, and said, "You must be Carye". Marilyn introduced herself as an avid cyclist - commuter or tourer - and she had come all the way from Beaverton determined to ride her recumbent bike in a mini pink prom dress, fashionable sexy tights, and toe-clip shoes. Atop her helmet she had added fluffy fine pink & white feathers. (She noted that because of her low rider, she had special undergarments!) I told her I wasn't sure we'd ride, as it was hard to know if the rain would start up again. The back up plan was to eat Italian gelato at a cafe on the corner of Tanner Springs Park where we were gathering. I originally announced that the ride would be cancelled if raining, because who wants to ride in a pretty dress in the rain.

In the distance, I saw Emily Wilson arrive in a fleece/long john/skirt ensemble. She unzipped her fleece to show off a lovely fancy pink bow-tied dress. Kudos go out to Emily as she is the only person to attend all three pretty dress rides (See Photos 2004 & 2005). Next, a tall guy named Mark showed up not in a dress - wondering if we were riding, or if he should put his dress on. Over on the mini boardwalk in the park Dat Nguyen was taking photos also not in a dress. So I ushered Emily and Marilyn and our bikes over to get our photo taken before gelato. Then Shawn G, Ken, and Meghan rode into the park from the South, and 'cowboy' Ben joined us from the North and struggled to put on his printed frock. Picture Shawn in a rayon mini and pearls, Ken in a black spaghetti strap prom dress with matching shawl, and Meghan looking elegant in a vintage peacock blue fitted dress and sequined headband hat. Mark soon joined us again transformed: his hair in pig-tails, giant sun glasses, and lovely black & white dress with a silver-threaded sweater. Now only Dat was without a pretty dress, lucky for him & peer pressure, Shawn had an extra. So Dat could dazzle as well.

I told the newcomers that we probably wouldn't ride, and Ken & Shawn loudly protested. "What!! We ARE going to ride, we didn't get dressed up for nothing!" Well now that we had 9 bicyclist in dresses - 5 Men & 4 Women, and the rain was still holding off, how could I say no. I, by the way, was wearing my Kate Maresh SCRAP Vanna dress - over a striped long-sleeved shirt (for warmth). Before riding off Ben broke out a blueberry pie to share - not wanting to lose it on the ride, we ate it up happily.

Instead of the longer "Portland Parks & Plazas" planned ride, I thought it would be best to stay close in, in case the weather turned ugly. So we paraded ourselves (waving, and ringing our bells to random passerbyers) by Union Station, the South Park Blocks, up Couch into the Pearl, then down 12th. As we neared the home base, it was decided we needed some more pretty dress parading, so we hiked up to 23rd zigzagged to 21st, before Emily suggested a stop at Saint Cupcake - which was perfect since it's one cafe I wanted to have the ride go but the idea was cut in the final plan. MMMM.. hot tea & mini cupcakes with our pinkies up. I enjoyed the spontaneity and intimate small group on this ride - The people who really wanted to be on this ride, despite the inauspicious weather were present. The ride reminded me of the first St. Johns ride that had its own magical quality with 9 riders - though only one male. The bigger rides are great too, but I don't often have the chance to get to visit with anyone new - such as Ms. Pretty in Pink, Marilyn


Blogger Brave Soldat Svejk said...

I'm shocked, shocked, shocked that more than men than women wear dresses in Portland! This is the work of the anti-Flying-Spaghetti-Monster. Pasta Armageddon looms before us!

Men should wear loinclothes and fake giant phalluses, as the FSM intended!

3:08 PM  

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