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Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fooled

I thought I once again made it past April Fool's day without being gulliable, well I was had, by none other than Traveling Dan. Dan was writing a blog (Traveling Dan) way before any one else was, and I read in religiously. So after this weekend I tuned in and was happy to see a new post. Two sentences into the post Dan was telling a crazy tale about how he ran off to Costa Rica for two weeks to attend a astrology camp with a friend who got a companion fare. So crazy I believed it cuz Dan's the kind of guy who will not let a (traveling) opportunity pass by.. anyway well done Dan for getting me good. Luckily I only passed it on to two people. Here's Dan's blog, reprinted without total permission, but I'm sure he won't mind:

Well, what a day. I got up thinking I'd mainly just practice my songs for the little house concert/potluck I'm participating in tomorrow at my friends' Pam and Jamie's house. Then go to work later. So how did I end up in Costa Rica at a seminar on sidereal astrology? It started with an unexpected phone call from my old friend Jules, who i havn't been in contact with much recently but knew was intensively studying astrology from her home in Seattle. Seems she was registered for this workshop, and at the last minute as she was printing out her e-ticket from the airline website, bells and lights went off (so to speak) and it told her she was eligible (due to having racked up a zillion frequent flyer miles) for a free quick-reedem companion fare to the same destination (in this case Costa Rica from SeaTac.) She knew I had a budding interest in astrology, particularly its relation to human symbol systems and cultural memetics, so on a whim she called me up and said "Dan, do you have a passport and what do you think of sitting in on a conference at an eco-tourist lodge in the Costa Rican jungle?" After lifting my jaw off the floor I said, heck yes, why not? I've got 2 weeks of sick days racked up at work. And tomorrow's show can go on without me. So here I am. The lodge is very "rustic", and if you are single they will often put you in a double room with a total stranger. Thus I am lodging with a wild eyed Australian who offers up a "crikey!" every time one of the 3 inch long roaches scurries across the bamboo floor.
Well, all for now, as I'm writing from the only public computer at the lodge. There's a cocktail get-together with the 65 other astrologers, then a full day of talks and seminars tomorrow.


Blogger Reed said...

took me awhile to figure out when and where that picture was taken, then i recognized the magic lantern in my hand. I still want to get ahold of a pair of those.

10:28 PM  
Blogger adventure! said...

Me and Dan's other ex-roomate are still mad about this one. Thanks, Dan!

6:43 PM  

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