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Friday, March 24, 2006

Gin Kitten Finds Pants!

Yesterday I got a call from Kate telling me that the brown cord pants that I "swore I left at her house" were finally found, by none other than Gin Kitten who was playing in the front closet and dragged them out from the depths. Well the truth is there was a whole bag of clothes I had left the night of my Vanna-ing (See post below) and Gin had pulled out a mysterious bra out of the front closet, and with further investigation the rest of the clothes were found. Thank you Gin Kitten! While Gin Kitten sometimes is a heroine, she also gets into all sorts of naughty kitten behavior like knocking down glasses and breaking them, or running around on tables, counters, or desks that are off limits to kittens.

Soon after I heard the news of my pants, I stopped for a visit. Between chocolate pudding, licorice, spiced tea & biscuits, I photographed Gin, or at least tried to. I discovered that cheap digital cameras take poor pet photos since the shutter is delayed by a second when you push the button, and with a fast crazy playful kitten, getting a great shot is quite hard. I did take a few cute ones and especially like "Gin as Pillow" (pictured) and the ones of Kate and Gin. See the rest of the photos to see all this cuteness I'm talking about! Ps. Gin is having her own 1st birthday on May 1st and only friends of Gin are allowed to come. So that means me!


Blogger Emma said...

As one of Gin Kitten's close personal friends, I have to say you captured her quite nicely, right down to her lovely sapphire eyes. She is truly an amazing finder of pants and destructor of couches. Like a Hindu goddess she has many faces.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

That is one cute cat. My goodness, how did she get so furry? I wouldn't be able to tell from that photo that she's anything but a big cuddle monster--but indeed, I believe you anyway when you describe her as having many varied tendencies.

4:26 AM  

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