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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Move by Bike!

Portland, Oregon never ceases to amaze me. It's becoming the norm for my friends to move by bike. Yeah you read that right, by bike. In fact, a couple weekends ago I finally participated in my first bike move - it was hardly the first locally, I know of at least 10+ other bike moves that have happened over the last couple years.

Debbie DeRose was moving out of her corner "purple palace" home in the North Mississippi area down the road 4 miles to Kenton (home of a giant Paul Bunyan). Debbie announced a move date and the start location on local bike listserve SHIFT with a promise of pizza and beer at the end to whoever showed up. I don't have a bike trailer yet, but I wanted to take part as I had yet to see someone move by bike, and Debbie's starting location was only 6 or so blocks from my house. Around 15 - 20 folks showed up with some of the biggest amazing bike trailers I've seen. There wasn't a couch or bed on this move, but a huge stove, lots of chairs, and miscellaneous desks. I filled my side basket and pannier, added another box on top of my rack, and then strapped a foam pad on top of that. Moving went smoothly and was fun. Debbie pointed out what was going, and everyone just moved boxes onto their bikes and trailers. We made signs, drank coffee, and wandered Debbie's emptying house. And in no time we were biking parade style down Interstate Avenue, showing off all the lamps, shoes, & chairs we had piled on the back of our bikes. Moving by Bike is about community and helping others out, but it's also about showing off what human powered vehicles (our bikes) can do. Once at Debbie's new pad - a small cabin she can call her own without roomates - we gobbled up pizza and drinks before we finished the job by moving Debbie's things inside. The move was done in about 3 hours. Check out the photos that Dat snapped (mine coming soon).

Wanna get in on the Bike Move Fun?? Another move by bike has been announced for my friends Bruce and Carla who are moving from the same 'hood as Debbie to St. Johns. This move is dubbed the P*P*B*M - Puppet Parade Bike Move because Bruce & Carla are part of the MudEye Puppet Company so they have a lot of cardboard puppet heads to move. The move is set for Sunday, April 9th. Unfortunately I can't help, as I'm selling my art at the new Crafty Wonderland debut art sale at Doug Fir that day.


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