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Friday, February 10, 2006

My Friend's an Olympic Athlete!

Never in my life would I imagine actually knowing someone in the Olympics. Tonight I will be watching the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy hoping to get a glimpse of my friend and former housemate Rory Morrish who will be competing for Ireland in Nordic Skiing. The photo shown here is one I took of Rory 10 years ago when we lived in a little house on Curragh Road in Cork, Ireland. I was a mere 20 year old, and he 27 then. At the time Rory was an avid photographer, gourmet cook & snappy dresser. He grew up with 6 sisters, and knows five languages fluently. I was always in awe of him then, and when I found out he became a world championship skier, I guess I wasn't too surprised, since that's Rory.

Today Rory lives in Oslo, Norway (where he can actually ski!), and I was lucky enough to see him last May/June when I was visiting my Mother, a Professor of Nursing, who was doing research over there. Rory has a blog about his Olympic adventure, though I'm sure he's too busy at the moment to update it much. I sent him a skiing-guy ornament which he has proclaimed mascot of his venture. Also here is a current photo of him all decked out on the snow.
Rory's competeing on the 17th of February at 10 am local Italy time. But perhaps we'll get a glimpse of him tonight when they air the opening ceremonies on TV in the USA (8 pm Central on NBC). Also a friend who has been reading another Irish Athlete's blog, says look for a bunch of "stuffed" leprechauns that may be thrown out into the audience during opening ceremonies. So tune in!


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Carye, that's so cool! Did you see him at the opening ceremony?

They always seem to broadcast the nordic skiing on the most inopportune times (which is such a US-centric statement, anyway). I hope you get to see him on the tube!

12:03 PM  
Blogger Ms. Bathtub said...

Yes, I did see Rory during opening ceremonies. He had a close up while he tipped his hat to the crowd. I was so excited. I'm now trying to figure out what time they may show his comp on NBC. He's racing on Friday, Feb 17 at 10 am local Italian time. On the Olympics page it says he's racing at 4 am (eastern). NBC shows Men's cross country 15 K finals at 4 pm (eastern) on the 17th. Not sure if I'm able to tune in Friday afternoon, but perhaps! I think the Irish are wearing Oarange.

10:14 AM  

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