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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Portland's Penny Public Again

I am pleased to announce that the Portland Penny is once again on public view at the Oregon Historical Society! In June 2004, the Portland Tribune published this letter penned by me:

City needs a penny for its history
While not much can be bought for a penny these days, there is one penny that buys a great story in Portland history. The “Portland Penny,” an 1835 copper coin, was tossed by two pioneers in 1845 to decide the name of our city.

Asa Lovejoy from Portland Maine and Francis Pettygrove from Boston each wanted to name our new city after their hometowns. What was one to do? Toss a coin, and let fate decide. Lovejoy won.

The good news is this famous penny is in the Oregon Historical Society’s museum collection. The bad news: The penny recently was retired from public view.
The Portland Penny needs to be on permanent display. May I suggest the lobby of the Oregon History Center or another important downtown Portland location.

Carye Bye
North Portland

I was just thinking I should follow up with the Museum to see what happened with the Penny after it was put away following the closing of the Portland Exhibit. But lucky for me, I found myself face to face with this Portland Treasure when I was visiting the museum this month. The penny is in a great lobby exhibit showing coins related to Oregon. From the new Lewis & Clark Nickel to the Oregon Crater Lake quarter that was minted last year. I am pleased.

Go to Oregon Historical Society website for info on how to visit.


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