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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bunnies on Bikes take over P-town

On April 16, 2006 - about 125 Bunnies on Bikes were seen riding through downtown Portland - and I have to claim complete responsibility.

(Bunny Cheerleader photo by Jonathan Maus)

The third Annual Bunny on a Bike ride was the biggest one ever, particularly do to great coverage (color photos!) in the Oregonian and weeklies. I started this ride two years ago to bring to life the
'Bunny on a Bike' illustrated wood-cut from my Red Bat Press postcard line. This year I planned a surprise costume inspired by the latest
"Wallace & Gromit" stop-animated movie. Four months before the ride, the secret outfit was designed and sewn in Eden Prairie, Minnesota in collaboration with my mother while I visited for a snowy Christmas.

On the iffy-weathered Easter Sunday I emerged as Ms. Carrot -- laughing at a vision of Bunnies on Bikes chasing a giant carrot on a bike. I prayed, please do not pour buckets of rain on us like last year -- and be it faith or luck -- the weather cleared minutes after the ride started and sunny skies cheered us on during our 2 hour loop ride. This year the theme was "Bunnies on the Bridges" and over three bridges we did cross in honor of our third year.

(Bunnies on Steel Bridge by Ethan)

Wes & Timo of Trash Mountain Boys made their live debut of the "Bunny on a Bike Ballad" - The song was composed by Wes and includes just about every Red Bat Press character or card in print (This amazes me!). Dan & the Peninsula Commons created a special Bunny on a Bike cheer which they performed to my delight throughout the ride - the end of the cheer was "munch the carrot, munch munch the carrot!" Which was particularly funny because of the circumstances. While we rode, bunny/Easter themed songs compiled by Greg P rang out of a boombox strapped to the back of my bike. At our snack break - mini vegan carrot cake muffins were passed around in a basket, making the littlest bunnies extra happy. The last stage of the ride after we leisurely cruised along the Willamette River took us into downtown down 4th Avenue and through the Chinatown gates, a glorious homecoming. Five minutes after our return - a huge black cloud moved over us - and hailed. The few remaining bunnies on bikes waited out the rain under shelter at Union Station, before we decided to take over the Fancy Portland City Grill (in the Big Pink Tower - see earlier post) as it was one of the only places open on Easter Sunday.

This year did not happen alone - I hope I didn't forget anyone who helped along the way and day of: Thank you to Matt, Wes, Dan & the Peninsula Commons, Timo, Greg P., Mom, Kate, N. PDX Bike Works, Ayleen, Elly, Shawna, Ian, Steph, Greg M., eLiz, Kiran, Bethany, Melissa, Kirsty, Dat, Jonathan, Carl, John F., Shawn G. & All the riders of course!
(Carrot Carye Photo by Jonathan Maus)

And even luckier am I, that I have 5 links to photographs/ride reports of the ride. Dat (The Unofficial Official photographer), Jonathan of, Ethan of Stickeen Photography, The Blue Peep Ms. Debbie, & a fabulous online collage by A J Zelda.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Awesome photos, my dear! Once again, I'll say that I wish I could've been there. I'm so happy to keep seeing how successful your ride was--you're such a diva of the bike scene in Portland, leading all these cool rides an' stuff. You're one of the strongest bikey women in the city, and they're so lucky to have you!

10:51 PM  

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