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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Gilligan Oasis

I think it's a first...I went camping in March, well the last day. Matt & I arrived to our host Brian's house in Tillamook on the Oregon Coast around 5:30 pm on the Friday, we were told he had a spot set up not far from his house on a spit between the bay and the ocean, a mile walk out from the parking lot. In fact, Brian and his dad who is a local veterinarian, had been working hard all week to create an amazing 'Gilligan's Oasis' in the sand dunes. They had cut firewood, dug holes to secure poles for a thirty-foot tarp, and stashed water and other necessities for us out there. Brian was expecting a big beach-party campout as 20 people said they would come. So it was pretty disappointing when everyone flaked or found something else they had to do, & another group had car trouble. For awhile it looked like Matt & I would be the only ones to enjoy the beach, then we got the good news that two more, Charlotte & Matthias would join us -- but they were still in Portland, only just returning form another camping trip in the Gorge. They thought they could arrive the next day thinking it was a two-dayer, but when they realized no one was coming, immediately found a flex car to rent and drove out that night. Meanwhile after seeing a beautiful sunset on our walk out along the beach, Matt, Brian, Brian's Dad & I set up camp. Brian's dad even built us a table before leaving - he was on-call so he couldn't stay the night. Brian got a fire going - so we chatted while roasting veg dogs, drank beer, and ate chocolate. At 11 pm we hiked into the dark woods on the spit to meet our late arrivals (and ooh it was a scary walk!). Back at camp our group of 5 heartily made smores with our new provisions using up the few pieces of chocolate left. It rained lightly on and off, but by the fire it was nice cozy. During the night, it stormed; we kept dry though I slept poorly having left my thermarest at home (never again!).

On Saturday morning, the sun came out for breakfast (more smores and veg dogs, plus oatmeal!). Soon a beach expedition was formed. We walked the entire spit and beachcombed. Scattered across the beach a couple miles was a torn up fishing boat where 3 men (I think) lost their lives three weeks ago. Rope, wood, chairs, buoys were everywhere. A memorial cross had also been erected.
I searched and searched for a full sand-dollar - and finally succeeded - my first in 30 years - though my roommate Devon claims those things are all over the place on the Oregon Coast. On our way back on the bay side of the spit, Brian told us what he knew about clam digging. We hardly had the right tools or boots, but Charlotte, Matt, & I gave a go. We walked out to a sand bar and started digging when we saw little bubbles. Brian said the clams move fast. I only found little tiny ones. Back to camp for lunch, and a siesta nap - The sun left and it poured rain again. But once again the weather was on our side as the sun came back out for our pack up and hike out of the beach. On thedrive home from our relaxing beach weekend, Matt and I contemplated if we could bike out on Route 6 sometime in the future. I think it is definitely doable. We will be back.

See the Photos from the trip. The group photo pictured is by Brian Cameron - a great photographer!


Blogger e$ (e money) said...

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1:52 PM  
Blogger e$ (e money) said...

Carye- I biked out to Tillamook on six once. It's a pretty good day ride (about 60 miles from the last MAX stop in Hillsboro, I think) but only a bit of climbing - 1000 or 1500 feet or so over the Coast Range. Not too bad. Then rolling hills for awhile along the river... Just don't do it when it's raining, like I did ;-)

-- Esther

1:53 PM  
Blogger Ms. Bathtub said...

Thanks Esther good to know. Still want to plan either a Mount Angel/Silver Falls or Eugene Bike Trip this summer. Not sure when or how long, haven't even started to think about it...


4:12 PM  

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