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Monday, May 08, 2006

Velvet isn't just for Jackets

Portland is blessed to have the likes of Caren & Carl. They are my kind of people - obsessive collectors* who delight in the odd, roadside attractions, outside art, and let the public in on their more brag-able collection - Some 1000 Velvet Paintings - Perhaps 100 or so on display at one time at their 5 month old museum Velveteria. (photo: Devon in velvet jacket at Portland's Velveteria)

Devon & I had a gander this past Saturday (at last! I've known for months about the museum). The little two-room museum is located at 518 NE 28th Ave in Portland. On the block North of Glisan. When we showed up there was a little note on the door, "Be back at 3" - Ah! I'd be mad, but Caren & Carl had a good excuse - which I'll relay later. So to kill time Devon and I had our own strange NE Sandy mini adventure - Barb-Q guy decorated cookies, "Interesting" Jesus art at Teen Challenge Thrift Shop, and a church rummage sale with nothing good. Finally back at the Museum, Carl was back - we paid our 3 bucks and were whisked into a Velvet Painting Extravaganza - Floor to Ceiling - Velvet Jesus-es, Smoking old ladies, South Seascapes, Wrestlers, Elvis, Willie Nelson, Banditos, and more covered the first room. The special exhibit on currently was Jesus Paintings. And starting May 20th, it will be.... Poodletopia! Which is especially exciting since it is Year of the Poodle (see previous post). Carl and later Caren gave us an extensive personal tour, though left us alone as we walked past the curtains into the Naked Lady back gallery! Little notes were taped on a few paintings, like "Courtney Love" here and there. One farmer man painting hangs in the back gallery - which is very clever - you always need a voyeur in this kind of gallery! After an afternoon well-spent in the midst of some fine velvet paintings (including local namesake Juanita!), I could go on and on, but why because you just need to go yourself. Oh and the excuse for being closed -- Apparently a safari man's estate was up for sale, and C & C could not resist getting their hands on a stuffed warthog head. While I'm not a fan of stuffed dead animals - I do respect a good story and sense of must-have that these two have -- as I can totally relate to the hunt of a collector.

*C & C are 0bessive collectors that have a sense of humor about themselves - as far as I can tell are 'healthy obessive' -- meaning they are NOT crazy, unsocialized hoarders who must rant, make you feel uncomfortable, or corner you with their obsession. You know who I'm talking about. I consider myself 'healthy obessive' as well - I have the things I collect and want to tell you about, but only for those who want to listen.


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