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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Advice on marrying a Minnesota Girl

Last week in the Oregonian there was an interview with Garrison Keillor aka Minnesota's favorite son. When asked "If we'd met 30 years ago, and I told you I was about to marry a woman from Minnesota, what advice would you have given me?" Garrison replied, "Develop a fondness fo Jell-O. Jell-O with little slices of mandarin orange in it." I had a good laugh -- Last year at several party functions (as a former Minnesota girl myself) I pushed my Minnesota Jell-O salad - one even had mandarin slices in it. On both occasions very little was eaten. Ah more for me! Now if I had brought my jell-O salad to a party in Minnesota. oh Ya, You bet there wouldn't be any leftovers there.


Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh, fer yum, Carye. You've got my mouth watering, dontcha know, with that picture of jello salad. Was I ever at those parties where you served jello salad? Next time you have a party, just let me know 'cause I'll come with.

12:33 AM  

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