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Friday, July 07, 2006

City Hall of Bikes

I have a new design for Red Bat Press called City of Bikes that debuted last night at City Hall - Yes that beautiful rounded building in the middle of downtown (1221 SW 4th) where the Mayor & his commissioners do their work. It's quite appropriate that the City Hall was taken over by bike enthusiasts, bike builders, and bike artists. I think some of the staff were blown away by how many people showed up and it wasn't just the promise of beer & pizza (though under 10 pizzas were donated by Hot Lips which didn't quite cover all the ravenous thrifty bikers looking for some dinner - though I did score one piece). Bike Artists including myself showed art in three commissioners' office wings. One such commissioner, Sam Adams who is doing a lot of good for public art and transportation - hung out, let folks take over his office and is a huge supporter of the First Thursday art openings once a month at City Hall-- and even put in an order for a framed Bunny on a Bike print. Instead of just showing established artists, for then new year they've decided to show more community art. Inviting community members to celebrate their cause at City Hall through Art is an empowering idea. Polly, an intern in his office, was an awesome help in helping us hang the show (other artists included Chops, Shawn Granton, Tiago, Sara Stout, Lyla Emery Reno, Shaun Deller, and even a couple pieces by our departed friend Debi Marsh), and Jonathan Maus was the mover and shaker who made this show happen and gathered an impressive group of local bike builders to show off their masterpieces in the lower lobby. With the classy marble floors and finely crafted touches in the building - these bikes fit in well in the upon the checkered atrium floor. The newly relocated, Tresa from New York, exclaimed that in this would never happen in New York City - but I have to say a lot of cities of Portland's size wouldn't open up the City Hall after hours for such a fun party. Thanks for a wonderful night everyone and for making Portland truly a City of Bikes.

Though just a suggestion, next time you invite a city of bicyclists, order more pizza (or don't put it on the poster!). See my photos of the night, and photos of the Red Bat Press exhibit.


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