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Friday, January 27, 2006

A Ben Franklin Survivor

Did you know that Ben Franklin was a vegetarian in his youth? Did you know he started the first library? Recently I have been immersed in many Ben Franklin factoids due to a country-wide celebration of his 300th birthday (Who will be there to celebrate my birthday in 2275?)

It all started with a phone call from a school in Hillsboro looking for someone to teach old time printing to the students. Danielle, my neighbor got this curious call, while she was interning at the Portland Art Museum, and immediately replied, "my neighbor's a printer".

I soon learned the school was organizing a very special week dedicated to Ben Franklin, and one day was to be all about Printing. So I signed up for the job, in hope I could inspire a future printer.

Since I didn't retain much information from social studies during my school days, I had much to learn... So my quest for knowledge began, and soon I was eating this stuff up. Ben's life was fascinating. He started printing early at age 12 as an apprentice in his brother's shop (The 15th child of 17, they needed to get Ben out in the world, and fast!), and by his 20s had his own newspaper, annually printed the popular "Poor Richard's Almanac", and was even printing money for the colony of Pennsylvania -- he did so well that he retired at the age of 42 and could now pursue his passions for science and government. If you read a list of all the things this man did, you will wonder if he ever sat down! But the cool thing I learned is that even at the end of his life, he still only wanted to be known as I, Benjamin Franklin, Printer.

Back at the school in rural (I was surprised) Hillsboro, Ore., the children loved learning old-time printing - all 200 + including up to 25 deaf and hearing impaired.
They made square printer's hats out of one sheet of newspaper, learned to print their initials by setting large type upside down and inking it, and they also printed their own bookmark with "A penny saved is a penny earned" quote.

Me, well I loved the opportunity, and enjoyed researching the project. I was happy to have Ivan, a local hobbyist printer, on board to help out and the school was great to work with. But the bottom line for me is I survived! Taking on the project was a big step out of my comfort zone, I spent they day addressing 8 classes of students from 1st to 6th grade. I was in charge, I was the expert. I even wore a "printer's outfit" White shirt rolled sleeves, vest, tie, and an apron.

I've decided that I need to say Yes, more often then No, to new experiences. This year alone I've sung Karaoke publicly, Learned to bike-camp, and was on the radio. I'm learning if you want to be GREAT, like Ben Franklin, you must not be idle, and let your life pass on by.

This particular quote of his, says it all "Up, sluggard, and waste not life; in the grave will be sleeping enough."

Am I really now a blogger?

I have held back for awhile, and I don't think this will replace my semi-monthly emails I send out to peeps about cool happenings or updates on my projects. But I have this urge to talk "out loud" if you will about thoughts, experiences, and life. We'll start with this, and go from there.