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I am the director of the Bathtub Art Museum and also run my own printing card & novelties business under the name Red Bat Press. I live in the great bike fun-friendly city of Portland.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A window worth a look!

Some stores just stick some mannequins in clothes in the window, and call it good. I applaud the creative who go a step further. Mario's, a fancy lady & gent's clothing store in downtown Portland, once again has a stunning display. This time with the funny (& fun) silouette art by Dawn Cerny. They've had velvet paintings, colorful laundry detergent plastic reconstructed into arty backdrop, Scissors hanging by ribbons, toast art, and many many odes to pop art.

I myself had a short stint as a window designer - no not on Broadway or any high shopping street - but a busy little tourist trap called Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Now I have you know my little shop, the Maritime Store, sat on the better half of the area - near the cable car and ghiradelli chocolate building, and grand old Martime Musuem buidling. The store was at the head of Hyde Street Pier, where all the beautiful old ships of the San Francisco Maritime Museum are docked. As a full timer at the bookstore, I started making whimsical and educational window displays - including Pirate Fashion (now a Red Bat Press postcard), Shallow & Deep, Sailors & Sweethearts, and by the far best one, was on the Bizzaro window - where I found strange stories and photos of sea creatures and inventions. Ah, Here's an old photo of me, dressing for that Pirate Fashion about 7 years ago.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Press Pause: Beauties & the Bath

Randomly picked up the DVD of the 1934 flick 'Dames' - The movie finalies with this over the top amazing dance sequences - 100s of pretty girls - a dozen + costume changes - and a fabulous number where the 'dames' are all on beds, which turns into bathtubs - which turn into vanity sets. Wow. I thought about how I'd get some film stills of the bathubs, but realized I could take some my self. See for yourself!